Margo, the latest cocker spaniel to join the team at Gwelmor dog-friendly holiday cottage in Widemouth Bay, north Cornwall
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Look what's arrived!

Margo says 'Hi'

We have two new additions to share with you here at Gwelmor holiday home - the arrival of a new team member and the delivery of a glorious trophy to mark our latest award for being dog-friendly.

Firstly, say 'Hi' to Margo. She's the latest recruit to the Gwelmor team. Margo, aged eight weeks, joined the family in February and teams up with our current players Molly and Indy.

Indy, Molly and Margo, the cocker spaniel family ready to welcome guests at dog-friendly holiday cottage Gwelmor in north Cornwall
Indy, Molly and pup Margo

Margo is an English Cocker Spaniel pup and, amazingly, the first night spent in a strange new house went without even a squeak, much to our delight! No doubt it was due to the calming influence of Indy, our eight-year-old working cocker spaniel, sleeping soundly by her crate.

Margo has since gone from strength to strength and is gradually filling out that saggy puppy skin that I'm sure all pup owners adore!

Indy has been a superb teacher laying down the doggie rules in a gentle but firm manner, and the two have since become great friends. On walks you'll often find Margo glued to Indy's side, eager to learn the ropes of sniffing, digging, hiding in fern and obviously, eating poop!

Indy and Margo enjoy the sun

Meanwhile, the relationship between Margo and Molly... how can I put this... is work in progress. Aged 11, Molly is finding it a little unnerving having such a bundle of energy wanting to permanently hang off her ears. She'll often look at me as if to say, 'where does she get it from?'

Molly is being reassured constantly that she's still Top Dog and is gradually getting used to having this whirlwind of a pup around. Step-by-step, we're getting there and Margo is quickly learning the pecking order in the Gwelmor family.

This summer Margo is looking forward to joining Molly and Indy in welcoming - socially distanced of course - our forthcoming guests heading to Gwelmor holiday home for a much needed break when we're able to re-open our doors once more on April 12 (fingers crossed).

Margo shows off Gwelmor's Bronze award for 'Dog Friendly Business of the Year' in the Cornwall Tourism Awards 2020/21
Margo and Gwelmor's award for Dog-Friendly Business

Margo's first job as Gwelmor's junior assistant is to show off the amazing trophy that's also just been dropped off by the postman to mark Gwelmor winning Bronze for  'Dog Friendly Business of the Year' at the Cornwall Tourism Awards 2020/21 and for the second year running.

Our lovely trophy, sponsored by Forthglade, has been crafted by the talented Cornish glass artists Jo Downs. Jo's work also adorns the wall of our kitchen at Gwelmor in the shape of a shoal of glass fish.

Many guests who have visited Gwelmor have commented on the artwork throughout Gwelmor, all of which is by regional artists living and working in Cornwall or nearby Devon.

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