gwelmor holiday cottage owner celebrates after winning Dog Friendly Business of the Year at the Cornwall Tourism Awards 2021/2022
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Nerves hit for radio interview

Our dogs listening to mum on the radio!

Just when I thought all the media hype had died down following our success at the Cornwall Tourism Awards this year, an email landed in my inbox from the assistant editor of BBC Radio Cornwall, Daphne Skinnard.


"I hope you’re keeping well and very many congratulations on your recent success at the Cornwall Tourism Awards," she wrote adding: "I am organising interviews for BBC Radio Cornwall with many of the winners and wondered whether we could talk to you next week?"

If you hadn't already heard me banging on about it, Gwelmor holiday cottage was crowned Dog Friendly Business of the Year 2021/2022 at an online ceremony in February.

We could now be chosen to represent the county at the South West Tourism Awards.


Nerves kick in

Not one for interviews - I've always been on the other side as a trained journalist - a surge of panic hit me. But then I promptly reminded myself that it is great opportunity for publicity and it's also good to support the organisers of the Awards for all the hard work they put in.

I tried to keep myself busy in the run up to the interview to help keep nerves at bay. But then the call came. My phone rang at 6.30pm on February 15, 2022, and it the voice of BBC presenter Tiffany Truscott began: "Hello Jayne, and congratulations on your award win. I had a look at your website earlier today and it looks beautiful."


Thank you I replied. After a short welcome chat, Tiffany announced that the record playing on the radio would finish in 45 seconds and then she'd introduce me.


But it was all fine. A few stumbles over my words, but other than that, I think it went relatively ok!

While I was on live, hubby was in the kitchen recording the interview so if you missed it you can listen here.

What I didn't realise with radio, however, is that there's a slight time delay, so apologies for the racket at the end of the recording. That was just me getting some ice out for a very strong post interview G&T!

Gwelmor wins gold for dog friendly business of the year in the cornwall tourism awards 2021 2022
Winner of Dog Friendly Business of the Year 2021/22
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