A stunning shot as the sun sets on Widemouth Bay beach
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Amazing images taken by Gwelmor guest at Widemouth Bay

Surfer at sunset - by @stuartcornish777

If you’ve ever visited north Cornwall then you’ll know that it has some of the most spectacular beaches and coastal walks on offer in the UK.

Capturing some of these sights on camera has been a passion of one of Gwelmor’s guests, Stuart Cornish, whilst on family holidays with us over the last couple of years.

'Coastline' by @stuartcornish777

These sensational shots capture the essence and beauty of Widemouth Bay and we think they are so good that we wanted to share them with you, with Stuart’s permission of course.

Stuart, lives in Cheam, Surrey, and works for the NHS. He is also the secretary of Epsom Camera Club.

Stuart said: “I like getting out and about with my camera and just watching what goes on in the world and capturing the usual doing something unusual, or just appreciating nature.

“The world is such a beautiful, exciting place, and being a photographer you get to immerse yourself in it and really appreciate everything about it.”

In capturing such stunning images, Stuart uses a Canon camera - and a lot of patience!

'Lookout' by @stuartcornish777

You can see many more of Stuart’s amazing pictures on his Instagram page @stuartcornish777 – so go take a peek, there's some brilliant pictures. The last one on this blog we love so much we're getting it done as a poster to display in Gwelmor!

We love to see photographs taken by our guests, whether professional or amateur, during their stay with us at Gwelmor. If you have any you’d like to share please send them to gwelmor@mail.com.

'Wipe out' by @stuartcornish777
'Choppy sea' by @stuartcornish777
'Curtain wave' by @stuartcornish777
Picture Credit: 
Stuart Cornish @stuartcornish77

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